Six UK-Based Offices with Innovative Design

Regardless of whether you’re looking to further your career within an office environment that plays around with conformity, or you’re in charge of a business looking for inspiration from some of the big players in the tech industry, there are plenty of office spaces that could have you looking at your current setup and implementing some changes.

Today’s office space is much different to that of the baby boomers. Gone are the grey environment and sterile environment, and introduced are colourful furnishings and bespoke working areas that look to ignite creativity, but which companies do it best?

You wouldn’t be far wrong in assuming that some of Silicon Valley’s finest have the best offices, and this can be the case when it comes to online giants such as Facebook and Google, but the United Kingdom has also taken notice of current trends, and is able to showcase some impressive office space.

Auto Trader

Auto Trader is a publication that has pioneered the art of selling used cars. Based in Manchester in its steel frame buildings, the layout of the office is a car enthusiast’s dream. As well as allowing employees access to car-themed meeting rooms, there is also a series of real cars situated in the office.

Employees that work at Auto Trader are very complimentary about the business and its office layout. Among the testimonials given are that the company gives employees the confidence to flesh out their ideas, as well as giving them a real sense of empowerment that helps them make some innovative discoveries to help propel the business forward.

Innocent Drinks 

Founded in 1998, the smoothie company is now mostly owned by drinks giant Coca-Cola. The smoothies come in a range of flavours and have really gained traction among the health conscious in the United Kingdom.

While many offices are more infused with technological influence, the Innocent offices are a little more organic. Paying tribute to a traditional English fair, the office space provides lots of space, as well as a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that really allows employees to flourish.

As well as being staffed by some truly brilliant minds, there is also a lot of focus on progression within the company, proving just how much the staff mean to the business.


Smarkets is an online betting exchange that was founded in 2008 and has offices in London, Malta and Los Angeles. While you would be right that many betting exchanges are plentiful, Smarkets stands out to its advanced trading platform that looks to face off against some of the bigger industry leaders.

With such bold goals, you would assume that Smarkets would be enforcing tiring schedule, but nothing could be further from the truth. The office premises not only make for an amazing view of the docks in London, but there are also a series of treats laid out for employees. These perks include catered meals, free snacks and as much table football as you can handle.

The company appears to have its focus on creating a real community as opposed to a workforce, and this is evident in the open plan offices and absorbing décor that helps members of staff really flesh out their ideas.


There’s no denying how much impact Google has in relation to its office design, but its London premises show it’s not scared to absorb the local culture to make employees feel more at home. The open plan structure and innovative furnishings are still part of the office layout, but introduced are plenty of couch space, bunting, retro furniture and a series of picnic tables. As well as ensuring the Google brand is infused with the design, the company has also ensured it has included some creature comforts to get the best from their employees.

Those who work for Google only ever report good things, in that the company encourages employees to think outside of the box and look to break conformity. Google is all about breaking new ground in the world of technology, so it should come as no surprise that it tries to obtain the same from their team members,


Splunk is an American technology company that produces software for analysing big data via a web browser. Its offices based in London are open plan, and introduce a quirky design that also feels homely. While it can be assumed that graffiti doesn’t belong in an office, there’s something about the cheeky addition to Splunk’s décor that really showcases where it stands as an employer.

Splunk is evidently doing something right, because those who work at the London office are quick to point out how motivational staff are, with it feeling more like an extended family as opposed to workmates.

Red Bull

The Red Bull brand probably doesn’t need any introduction, but to those who aren’t familiar with the Austrian company, the produce an energy drink that has the highest market share within the industry. The brand has become so popular that it has even launched a series of sporting events carrying the Red Bull logo.

The office space is open and inviting, encouraging more co-working, which in turn, allows for some inventive brainstorming. There is also a mixture of business and pleasure. While there is no shortage of working areas, there’s also a big slide that can transport you from level to the other. As well as ensuring the brand colours are represented, the curvature of the can the drink is served in is also present in the décor.

This is only a snapshot of some of the original and evoking office space situated in the UK, and shows that just like Silicon Valley, working environments in the UK are becoming more evolved and welcoming.

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